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Discover Plants That Thrive In Texas

Texas is a place that things are known to be bigger, stronger and altogether better. So why not apply this line of thinking to the way we garden? This is where the vision started. We wanted a program that would highlight plants that did well in the Great State of Texas. First, we needed a name, several were thrown around until we landed on Plants For Texas, how easy. A simple name that everyone could remember and it said it all so there would be no confusion what these plants were for.
Plants For Texas®

Every year gardeners go to their local garden centers and walk out with armloads of plants. After planting, mulching, trimming, watering, fertilizing, and generally babying the purchases they disappear. By July the only thing left of some of those plants is the plastic tag. Where do they go? Most likely they melted in the Texas heat. In many cases dead plants only came as the result of picking the wrong plant, Not having a “brown thumb”.

Which plant is The Right Plant? In 2003 when we visualized the Plants For Texas® program we all had many combined years of gardening experience as well as many visits to Texas Gardens. After much research we decided on the first 30 Plants For Texas®, these were released in 2004. In 2005 we added 12 more plants bringing the program to 42 plants. This year we are recommending 50 plants, some native, some non-native, but all have thrived in Texas Gardens and have looked beautiful while doing it. These plants were selected because they grew and prospered in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Waco, Corpus Christi and all points in between. Plants For Texas are produced in Texas, tested in Texas, specifically for Texas Gardens. So fill your garden with Plants For Texas® and you will be sure to impress and don’t worry we are always testing new plants so the list will just keep growing. So grab your walkin’ boots and search out these fine retail stores, while you’re at it print a Plants For Texas® plant list before you go so you know what to look for!

Happy Gardening from the folks at Plants For Texas®!